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What is Private Health Insurance?

It is the insurance prepared to cover all kinds of diagnosis and treatment procedures that you may need for your health, as well as your health expenses that will occur as a result of an unexpected accident or illness, with the most modern methods and without financial worries. Your health expenses are covered within the general and special conditions and in line with the limits specified in the policy.

Private Health Insurances offer health services such as emergency assistance, family medicine, PSA and mammography, outpatient treatment, delivery, newborn baby care and check-up, as well as inpatient treatment services.

How Are Private Health Insurance Premiums Determined?

While the health insurance premiums differ according to the types of policies (such as inpatient treatment coverage, inpatient + outpatient treatment coverage), criteria such as age, gender, health history of the insured candidate are also among the factors that determine the policy premium. Anyone over the age of 18, whether or not they have any social security, can take out private health insurance. Children under the age of 18 are included in the policy together with a parent.

What are the matters to be considered while making private health ınsurance?

There are many types of policies with different guarantees and premiums in the insurance sector related to Private Health Insurance. These include multiple factors such as coverage limits that directly affect the premium, insured participation rates, and contracted hospital restrictions. For this reason, we recommend that you determine what kind of health insurance you need before you take out your policy and research alternatives accordingly.