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Site Common Area Insurance

Your responsibilities are under guarantee with Gintaş Sigorta Site Common Area Insurance!

Residents of the complex/apartment face many different risks every day in the common living areas. This imposes important responsibilities on the managers in terms of the security of common areas.

With the Site Common Area Insurance, which Gintaş Insurance has specially developed to share the responsibilities of site/apartment managers, it secures all residents in collective living areas with comprehensive guarantees.

Get Site Common Area Insurance from Gintaş Insurance, let’s make you feel safe in the common living areas and share your responsibilities!

Which risks are covered by us?

  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Strikes, lockouts, riots, riots, malicious acts and terrorism
  • Other fire additional guarantees
  • Hail
  • Neighborhood – tenancy liability
  • Theft
  • Glass breakage
  • Loss of rent
  • Vault fire
  • Cash theft
  • Third party liability
  • Employer financial liability
  • Money moved
  • Breach of trust
  • Electronic device
  • Portable Device
  • Machine breakage
  • Legal protection of the real estate
  • Residence change costs

We are always with you with our Help Services!

  • Sending an ambulance to the residence
  • Plumbing, electricity, switch, glass Works
  • Rescue of the resident
  • Hotel service
  • Security company
  • Assistance in hospitalization
  • Transmission of urgent messages
  • Professional home services organization
  • Information and organization service
  • Payment of insured bills
  • Legal consultancy