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Housing insurance

Housing insurance is the most important insurance that protects your home and family. Home insurance is a type of insurance that aims to protect your home from demolition, theft, terrorism and accidents. Since it is not known what the new day will bring, the housing insurance guarantees you against the risks that may occur. Knowing that your home is under guarantee makes you feel safe whenever you are away from home. You can insure your home with monthly installments. These insurances are made annually. It is renewable every year. If you are taking home insurance from the same insurance company for a long time, there will be discounts on payments.

In the event of any of the above-mentioned damage to your home, most of the time the furniture will also be damaged. Therefore, when taking out insurance, it is necessary to be insured together with the belongings inside the houses. Goods can also be secured for a small additional cost.

You do not have to be a house owner to have house insurance, and in case of being a tenant, your belongings can be secured only by taking a property guarantee.