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Foreign Health Insurance

Get your private health insurance required for residence permit now and get one step closer to living in Turkey!

Private health insurance required for foreigners to reside in our country ensures your health in your new life in Turkey.

Comprehensive coverage and privileged services await you at Güneş Health Insurance for Foreigners.

Detailed information is available at Güneş Sigorta agencies.

Coverage of Assurance

Inpatient Treatment Coverage

  • Hospital services (surgery, operating room, anesthesia, medicine, laboratory, radiology, etc.)
  • Room, bed, meal and companion expenses during the hospital stay
  • Cornea, kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, lung transplantation
  • ESWL, Gamma Knife expenses
  • Coronary angiography
  • All diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology tests, radiological examination and imaging performed during inpatient treatment
  • Post-operative physical therapy
  • Home medical care services that assist the insured’s daily life activities and provide social support.
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
  • Medical treatments for less than 24 hours such as food poisoning, plaster application, simple burn treatments (observation)
  • Artificial limb expenses in case of limb loss as a result of an accident or illness
  • Treatments in intensive care units
  • Treatments related to teeth and nose caused by traffic accident

Outpatient Treatment Coverage

  • Doctor examination
  • Diagnostic investigations
  • Medicine
  • Physiotheraphy