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Motorcycle Insurance

Traffic Insurance covers you against the damages you may cause to third parties and other vehicles with your motorcycle. Traffic Insurance coverage limits, determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury every year, vary according to the number of seats in the vehicle, and motorcycle coverage limits are lower compared to automobiles and other vehicles due to the number of seats.

Things to Consider While Buying Motorcycle Traffic Insurance:

  • Timely renewal
  • Being a good driver
  • The province to which the license plate is attached

What Should the Most Accurate Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

The purpose of Motor Vehicle Insurance is to protect the vehicle that is the subject of the insurance. In other words, the damages that may happen to the vehicle that is covered by the Motor Vehicle Insurance are covered by the insurance.

It is important to pay attention to the following guarantees when making a Motorcycle Insurance Inquiry:

  • Material damages as a result of accidents that may occur while the vehicle is parked or in motion.
  • Combustion
  • Theft
  • Damages, excluding fire, arising from the contact of cigarettes and similar substances in the vehicle
  • Damages to the vehicle that was towed by unauthorized persons and damages to the vehicles that were towed or towed without complying with the rules
  • Flood, inundation
  • Strikes, Lockouts, Unrest, Popular Movements and Terrorism
  • Earthquake

In addition to these guarantees:

  • You can protect yourself against damage to the helmet and protective clothing that protect you next to your motorcycle,
  • You can benefit from the Personal Accident Coverage, which protects you as a result of an accident that may occur while riding a motorcycle,
  • You can also benefit from towing your vehicle to an authorized service with assistance services.

How can you find the most affordable motorcycle ınsurance prices?

It is also important that you can find the most suitable motorcycle insurance prices while researching the right insurance for you. For this, we recommend that you compare the multiple choice insurance offers and take a look at the discounts below.

  • Certificate Discounts
  • Driver’s License Discount
  • Professional Discount
  • Exemption