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Agriculture Insurance

In order to support the producers in the agricultural sector, which gives life to the economy, to secure the risks that may occur in their livelihoods and to compensate for the possible losses they may encounter during their agricultural production, the State Supported Agricultural Insurances (TARSİM) are always near and close to our farmers.

With State Supported Agricultural Insurances

  • All kinds of herbal products grown in open areas,
  • Products grown in greenhouse systems, glass-plastic cover, technical equipment and greenhouse construction and high tunnels,
  • Bovine dairy or beef cattle and small cattle such as sheep and goats,
  • Seafood grown with modern aquaculture methods in sea and inland waters,
  • Turkey, ostrich, ovary and broiler chickens and poultry such as chicks,
  • Active (with bees) and plate beehives
    are insured.

TR Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Registration Requirement

The basic condition for benefiting from state-supported agricultural insurance is; business records of crops, land and animal assets are up-to-date in the relevant registration systems. Our farmers have to be registered in registration systems such as ÇKS, TÜRKVET, SKS and AKS in order to benefit from the insurance premium support and other agricultural supports provided by the Ministry.

  1. Crops and Lands: Farmer Registration System (ÇKS)
  2. Glass or Plastic Greenhouses: Greenhouse Recording System (ÇKS)
  3. Cattle and Ovine: Veterinary Information System (TÜRKVET)
  4. Fisheries: Fisheries Registration System (SKS)
  5. Bees and their Hives: Beekeeping Registration System (AKS)
  6. Poultry Poultry: Closed System, biosecurity and hygiene measures takenWhat is ÇKS: It is a registration system that is carried out under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of the Republic of Turkey, which ensures the creation, updating and development of healthy agricultural policies and the execution of agricultural supports in an auditable and traceable manner. Producers have to register to the Farmer Registration System and update their information every year in order to benefit from both the premium support in agricultural insurance and other agricultural supports.

Poliçe Teslimi, Risk Analiz İşlemleri ve Teminat Süreleri (Policy Delivery, Risk Analysis Procedures and Cover Periods)

Although it varies according to the herbal product grown in open areas and the region, the policy can be made and delivered to our producers on the same day in the applications made during the policy acceptance periods notified by TARSİM.

For Greenhouse, Poultry, Aquaculture, Beehive, Bovine and Ovine Life insurance applications, and for crop insurance applications made outside of the policy acceptance periods, risk analysis is carried out in the business and production area in any case, and after the completion of the risk analysis procedures, the applications with positive results are insured. As a result of risk analysis procedures, products, businesses, facilities and risks that are not deemed appropriate to be insured by TARSİM are not insured.

End of warranty period for herbal products; limited to the harvest period of the product.
Greenhouse, Cattle Dairy and Ovine, Aquaculture and Beehives for 1 YEAR,
Cattle Livestock 3, 6, 9 and 12 months periods,
For Poultry, the guarantee period is applied depending on the type of poultry and the purpose of breeding.

State Insurance Premium Support

In order to develop agricultural insurance, a portion of the insurance premium to be paid by the producers is paid to TARSİM on behalf of the insured by the TR Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Premium support amounts to be provided by the State in terms of products, risks, regions and business scales are determined by the Council of Ministers each year upon the proposal of the Ministry.