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Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

With the assurance of the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK), which was established for natural disasters that cause great loss of life and property in our country; It is a compulsory insurance policy that is made to cover the material damages to your building caused by earthquake and fire, explosion and landslide damages.


With Compulsory Earthquake Insurance;

  • Material damages that the earthquake will cause directly in the insured buildings (including damage to foundations, main walls, common walls separating independent sections, ceilings and floors, stairs, landings, corridors, roofs and chimneys),
  • Material damages directly caused by fire, explosion, tsunami and landslide caused by earthquake,

It is insured up to the insurance amount stated in the policy.

Special Applications

Up to 40% discount is made on the tariff prices in the collective insurances of apartments and estates, which are made by the manager and include at least eight independent sections.

A 20% discount is applied for continuous renewals made within 30 days from the expiry date.

TCIP has started the Address Code Application in Compulsory Earthquake Insurance.

As of March 1, the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool (DASK) started to use Address Codes for compulsory earthquake insurance policy transactions. Landlords can easily access the address codes registered in the National Address Database from the headman’s office, municipality or population directorate.

In addition, homeowners can obtain the Address Code of the residence from the address inquiry internet services of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. Thanks to this system, which standardizes all addresses within the borders of the country, coordination and integration among all institutions dealing with housing will be easier.

Homeowners who want to have Compulsory Earthquake Insurance must give their full and correct address when they go to the insurance agency or bank branch. If there is no error in the address, the Address Code appears automatically in the National Address Database. If the address is incorrect, you can easily access the address codes registered in the system by querying on the internet or by applying to the headman’s office, municipality or population directorates.

UAVT Insured and uninsured distinction will be made from the center, and the production of erroneous and repetitive policies resulting from incomplete or different expression of address information will be prevented. At the same time, the covered houses will be tracked more easily, renewal discounts will be applied automatically, and accidental policy generation for buildings outside the scope of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance will be eliminated. Most importantly, in the event of an earthquake, if the house with Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is damaged, it will be easier to determine the location of the relevant house and to deliver the service thanks to the standard address code system. This will allow claims management to become even faster and more effective.