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Yacht/Boat Insurances

Boat/Yacht Insurances

Get Boat/Yacht Insurance for a safe voyage on the seas, and we will insure your yacht and its equipment against possible risks…

Recreational Boat Insurances

With Yacht Insurance, the yacht’s hull, machinery, service boats bearing her name, equipment and equipment that are customary to be bought and sold together with the yacht are covered by a single policy within the scope of Institute Yacht Clauses 1.11.82 Cl.328.

Insurance coverage continues uninterruptedly while the yacht is at sea, at the place of laying, on the boatyard, while being taken to or unloaded from the boat, provided that the yacht is within the geographical area specified in the policy.

It is mainly insured against the following risks.

  • All marine accidents and hazards (collision, collision, stranding, capsizing, storm)
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption
  • Piracy
  • Contact with aircraft
  • Theft of yacht or service boats
  • Theft of machinery or equipment by force
  • Loss of life and property of 3rd persons as a result of an accident caused by the yacht (limited to the insurance cost of the boat)
  • Wreck removal costs (limited to the boat insurance cost)
  • Malicious acts (including the captain’s and crew’s barrage)Savaş, grev, kargaşalık, halk hareketleri teminatları ek prim karşılığında ilave edilebilir.

Liabilities to third parties are also covered by yacht insurance:

  • Loss and damage to the boat or the property on which the yacht collided.
  • Damages caused by the yacht to other fixed and movable objects such as harbour, dock, pier, quay, lighthouse, telephone, telegraph cables.
  • Loss of life, injuries, life saving expenses that may occur on a yacht or another boat
  • Wreck removal costs are covered by the yacht policy with broad coverage.

Risks out of the scope of the guarantee:

  • Service boats that do not carry the yacht’s name and marking
  • Personal belongings, fuel, provisions, fishing gear, mooring gear
  • Falling of outboard motors
  • Expenses or losses incurred to correct or improve the design or construction of the defects or to change the design or construction.
  • Nuclear risks
  • War and similar risks, strike-lockout, popular movements, terrorism (on the contrary, they can be provided with contracts and additional premiums).
  • Unless it is customary or in need of assistance, towing the yacht or towing another boat or making a contract that gives rise to rescue and assistance.
  • Unless it is provided separately, the liability that may arise due to the use of the yacht for water supply and similar sports is not covered by the insurance.