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With the SME Insurance Package, your workplace is under guarantee with a single policy against fire, theft, flood-flooding, machine breakage, accident and many other risks that may occur in your workplace.

The guarantees we offer you with the SME Insurance Package:

  • Your workplace, your fixtures, commodities, machinery and electronic devices; guarantees against the risks of earthquake, fire, theft, flood-flood and machine breakage,
  • Provides assurance in legal disputes with Legal Protection Guarantee,
  • Secures your company against abuses by employees in the workplace with the Security Abuse Coverage,
  • With the Business Interruption Coverage, it secures the loss suffered due to the inability of the workplace as a result of fire damage,
  • With the Personal Accident Coverage, it secures the damages that may occur as a result of the accidents that may happen to the owner and employees of the SME,

The advantages you will have with the SME Insurance Package;

  • 2 different payment alternatives,
  • Discounts according to payment alternatives,
  • Guarantees for Breakage of Glass, Safe, Electronic Device, Breakage of Machinery, Abuse of Security and Money Transfer, the limit of which can be determined by the customer,
  • Opportunity to close the risks of the business in cases where the business is incapable of business, with bankruptcy guarantees as a result of business interruption and permanent disability,
  • Prices varying according to the activity class,
  • The possibility of securing the goods belonging to third parties that may be found in the workplace,
  • The personnel working in the enterprise are also covered by the Personal Accident Insurance,
  • Special Assistance service for Corporate Firms,
  • New value clause,
  • Misconduct guarantee, which secures the damages that the employees may cause to the Business,
  • Legal disputes arising as a result of legal protection guarantee and employee-employer and individual business relations,
  • Protection against inflation.