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Property Insurance

Housing Property Insurance is the insurance that secures the insured’s belongings in the building against possible risks, as a home owner or tenant. With the Housing Property Insurance, coverage is provided over a value agreed between the insured and the insurer.

With Housing Property Insurance:

  • Possibility to guarantee the risks of fire, fire additional guarantees and theft that may occur in the belongings in the house
  • As a result of the realization of the risks specified in the policy, expenses such as paint, whitewash, wallpaper and varnish made to the residential building built by the tenant in the insured house can be covered.
  • Expenses such as paint, whitewash, wallpaper and varnish made to the building can be insured against the risks of earthquake and volcanic eruption for the belongings in the house.

Housing additional guarantees and the insured’s belongings

  • Damages as a result of strikes, lockouts, riots, public movements, malicious acts, terrorism
  • Due to the storm,
  • Due to the weight of the snow or ice accumulating on the roof after heavy snowfall, as well as its slip and / or fall,
  • Due to the flood,
  • Land, as a result of the collision of aircraft,
  • Direct damage to the goods as a result of landslides or ground collapses on or around the land where the insured building is built is covered.